Who’s behind #TwittamiBeautiful?

Back in the summer of 2012, Chiara and I (Roberta) tried to live tweet while watching The Bold and The Beautiful using the hashtag #Beautiful (which is the title of the soap in Italy).

Unfortunately, the hashtag gave too many results and only a few of them were actually related to the airing episode. What could we do? How could we interact and comment, involving other viewers?
Chiara and I made friends and started sending each other DMs to talk the matter over and we decided to create an hashtag for the Italian viewers: #TwittamiBeautiful (meaning: “tweet me about B&B“, “tell me what’s going on so I can read about it on Twitter“).

Little did we know about the brilliant future lying ahead for our hashtag! We could not foresee it’d have become the “official” Italian hashtag, used by so many users everyday – so much, that it always trends on Twitter when the show’s on TV! Our followers keep on using our hashtag since then and we cannot lie: we’re proud of it!

Little by little, Chiara and I made friends with other fans (now, our greatest friends) and we shortly created a group with Angelo, Angela, Valeria and Francesca. Though living all so far apart, each of us in a different region of our country, we created a great group of friends – oh, and if you are wondering, well, yes: we met in person and we periodically meet all together, with our partners and kids, like a family.

At the beginning, we were just co-managing our Twitter account, but our creativity and energy pushed us to go on, creating a FaceBook account, a blog, an Instagram account and a YouTube channel: step by step, it was becoming something more! A hobby, of course, but huge!

At the very beginning, we simply started chatting with actors and actresses on social media and we were lucky enough to send them some questions and publish our first “interviews” on our blog, both in English and Italian, so all fans could enjoy them.

Time went by, and we went on creating content about the soap (quizzes, polls, memes, cartoons…) and, to our great surprise, we have been followed by thousands of fans on all of our social profiles! And we’re still growing

What’s typical about us is our irony to comment the storylines and characters, but always deeply respectful towards cast & crew of the most famous soap in the world. We do love and appreciate the talent of all those who work at the show, in front and behind the camera, and we love expressing our enthusiasm to the cast – the pandemic, for instance, gave us time enough to organise live chats on Instagram with some of the cast members and it was just awesome: real people, with so much humanity and kind heart.

We don’t know what’s coming next, but one thing’s for sure: we share the common wish to meet the cast, one day!
That’s the dream of every fan, isn’t it?