BEAUTIFUL STORY – Who’s John “Finn” Finnegan?

Who's Finn? What are the possible solutions about his identity?
Who's Finn? What are the possible solutions about his identity?

Dr John Finnegan, AKA Finn, is the new love interest of Steffy’s, and he’s her baby’s dad.
The young and charming doctor, who knew Steffy when she had a motorbike accident, has forgiven Steffy for having slept with Liam and has found out the truth about the baby: he or she is Finn’s!

And now, Steffy has accepted John’s proposal to become his wife and to form a happy family with the baby she’s expecting.

Ok. All’s very nice. But: who’s Finn?

Experience has taught us that a new character that seems to come from nowhere has, for sure, some connections with one or more important characters on the show. Remember Liam and Wyatt? They both turned out to be Bill Spencer’s sons. And Flo Fulton? Storm Logan’s daughter no one knew about. So, what about Finn? Is it possible that this character, now so important on the show, Steffy’s husband-to-be and her baby’s father, has no connection at all with the others? Not even a tiny link?

Well, we’ve got our ideas – and they don’t take into any consideration the age factor, since kids are usually SORASED when a new adult / young adult character is needed.
So, let’s see.

Finn could be a fake identity for… Deacon Sharpe Jr!

As far as we know, Little D has studied in Europe (Deacon told Brooke) and no detail shows he has ever known his half-sister Hope Logan or other members of the Logan and Forrester families. He may have been brought up by some of Deacon’s relations – since Deacon has always had a very irregular life. And since Deacon’s no hero, the boy may have adopted another name, just to cut with his past.

Another option? Well, what if Finn turned out to be Jack Marone? Jack, Nick’s only son, was brought to life by Taylor, but his biological mom is Brooke – unconsciously an egg-donor for her “enemy”: the hospital committed a huge mistake…

We all remember the fight for Jack’s custody, the problems Taylor had to bond with the baby, the attempt at raising Jack with Rick, to whom she was engaged. Then, the little kid was taken away from L.A. to New York by Nick when he ended his short love story with Donna Logan.

Since we have lots of fantasy, here’s a third option: Finn could be a long-lost brother of Liam’s or Wyatt’s. If he were Liam’s brother, we could assume Kelly Hopkins had given birth to Finn and given him away for adoption. Or maybe, she could have been induced to think the baby was a still born. Same possible story for Quinn, if Finn turned out to be Wyatt’s brother. Ok – these options are very odd… and yet, we all know that everything is possible in this soap!

Let’s wait and see: maybe one of our ideas could be proved to be right!