Why New Ridge is still new to us

Charming Mr Kaye has been playing Ridge Forrester since 2013 and now the public recognize him as Ridge Forrester, of course.

At the very beginning, when Ronn Moss left, some viewers were relieved because Ridge was just sent to Paris: it was easier to bear his absence rather than seeing Ridge with a new face. At least for some B&B fans.

However, after a little more than a year, a new actor was chosen to play the Forrester fashion guru and heart breaker Ridge and for a while, as it was quite natural, on social networks, epecially on Twitter, it was all a #NewRidge vs #OldRidge comparison… soap public is similar to sport supporters: you may root for a team or another, and fans had and still have their fav. And it was all natural: Moss had been playing Ridge for 25 years and fans were rather “emotiolly shocked”!

Now, viewers are used to seeing Thorsten Kaye as Ridge, and some are really enthusiast about Bradley Bell’s choice, and yet, some of us still define him as #NewRidge. And this time it’s not a question of comparison with the former actor, but it’s a “label” or “tag” to define new features the character seems to have acquired since Kaye took on the role.

New Ridge seems to have forgotten so much of his past history, or better, he’s lost interest in his past, he’s projected towards a second youth and so much of his inner self was revealed after his coming home from Europe: his passion for poetry, his fight for LGBT rights in Paris, his skill at piloting a helicopter (!)… All this, and much more, makes this character someone new if compared with the typical feautures characaterizing Ridge in the past years and so, sometimes, you cannot but feel you’re watching the adventures of a totally new character having an “old” name.

Of course, this renewal has its pros and cons.
On the one hand, it is fair since talented Thorsten Kaye is giving his own preciuos contribution to build his onw Ridge. Also, new features give Ridge a new life making him interesting again, or he would have probably stagnated forever in an endless ping pong between Brooke and some other woman.

On the other hand, Ridge seems really new in the contest Forresters, Spencers and Logans have lived so far: actually, we were rather surprised to see him with Katie so romantically involved and, after the moving scene between Ronn Moss and Linsey Godfrey remembering old Caroline, we would have never expected Ridge to become Caroline Senior’s niece’s hubby: rather shocking, indeeed!

Of course, it’s a soap opera and we’re used to all that is new, shocking, surprising and we like it! And we like watching day by day to see what authors have prepared for us!