Why it’d be great to have Hope back to L.A.!

Why it'd be great to have Hope back to L.A.!

It’s always the same ol’ story: Liam torn between two women he loves.

It was so when he couldn’t decide between Steffy and Hope or Hope and Steffy – the pattern went on for a while…
It was so when he couldn’t decide between Hope and Ivy – with Hope also torn between the two Spercer Bros.
It was so when Steffy came back from Paris and he had to choose between his ex-wife and Ivy.

The point is that Liam has always a choice to make. But… what if the game became tougher?
I’d like to see him go nuts with three girls in love with him at the same time! He can cope with two, let’s say Steffy and Ivy… but what if his ex-wife Hope came back to L.A. still in love with him? And still determined to win Liam’s love for good?

I guess Liam couldn’t bear all that “popularity”!
He has a problem when he’s asked to choose, ‘cause he’d love to please everybody, but in doing so, he irreparably hurts someone… He really can’t help that! He suffers from a sort of super hero syndrome: he wants to save people and help his loved ones… and yet, he simply can’t please all the world around him. He’s human. So human. And yet he can’t accept that.

So, what about making his life a little bit messier with the arrival of Hope? For sure, there’s a problem: the actress, Kim Matula, left the role and I guess authors have no one handy to play Hope Logan now… what a pity!