Why Bridget should be brought back

Why Bridget should be brought back on BEAUTIFUL

Bridget Forrester is seldom seen and seldom talked about by the other characters on the show.
And yet, during the years, she has experienced a lot: several story lines were focused on Bridget and some were really well written.

Since her birth, she was involved in a typical soap – opera dilemma: “who’s the daddy”?
She was thought to be Ridge’s daughter, but she was Eric’s.

As a young woman, she was involved in one of the most controversial story lines ever: she was betrayed by her husband Deacon Sharpe and her own mother Brooke! The scandal was followed by the birth of a new half-sister: Hope.

Bridget was also in love with Dante, but she had to fight her own half-sister Felicia, since she was in love with Dante, too.
They engaged a real fight with all sorts of dirty tricks… maybe, not one of the best plots for Bridget, we must confess.

And can you remember when she was manipulated by Massimo Marone? She was led by him until she thought she was in love with Ridge!
It was Massimo’s way to keep Ridge away from Brooke and to let Nick have her.
The plan half worked for a while: Brooke and Ridge were about to pronounce their vows, but the bride interrupted the ceremony because Bridget was there, sobbing for Ridge.

Bridget had also a tormented love story with Nick Marone. Again, a man in love also with her mother – but, ok, all of the men on B&B have loved Brooke!
Bridget and Nick got married three times and lost two babies: one she was pregnant with, Nicole, and the other lost by Agnes Jones, a surrogate mother.

When things got worse between her and her sexy sailor, Bridget turned to another man: Owen Knight, her mother-in-law’s hot hubby! During a night of passion, she got pregnant. And now she’s the happy (single) mom of baby Logan Knight – with Owen, it didn’t work and he went back to his wife Jacqueline Marone.

Now that Hope is out of the picture, it’d be really interesting to bring back our Bridget: or the show would focus only on the Avants and their complicated situations.
Ok, Bell is making it interesting, bringing to town all of Maya’s relations, but we feel Logans and Forresters should get more attention.
What is more, it is clear the authors prefer to focus on new themes and on the younger generation, so, instead of bringing Brooke and Bill back together, spoilers say they still feel something for each other, why don’t give Bridget a crush for “uncle” Bill? Also, it could be interesteing to have her back as a doctor and have her somehow involved with Nicolce’s surrogacy story line.

One thing is certain: the authors should work on this character ands should bring Ahsley Jones back on set!