Karla: not pre-nominated and yet a winner!

Riflessione sul personaggio di Maya

When the pre-nominations for the 43rd annual Daytime Emmy Awards in the daytime drama performer categories came out we were really surprised Karla Mosley wasn’t on the list.

Karla Mosley, Maya Avant on The Bold and The Beautiful, was given a very delicate and complex storyline: her character is a transgender and she’s fought a lot to love herself, accept herself and let the others love and accept her. She’s had so many family issues and she’s now facing a surrogacy to become a mother. So, the themes the actress is treating are very relevant socially and she’s so much appreciated for such a performance.

Karla has given her sweet character Maya lots of strength, passion and self-respect in several emotional scenes – such as the painful confrontation with her judgmental father Julius on her wedding day.

Her performance as Maya Avant was and still is powerful and sincere and she has shown her talent as a gifted actress. No matter she hasn’t received any pre-nom to the prestigious Awards: for her fans all over the countries where B&B is loved she’s a winner.

We love you, Karla!