Incredible: the Bold and the Beautiful cancelled in Italy?

After 30, The Bold and The Beautiful disappears from Italian screens! Is it the end? Cancelled for good? Or suspended for a while? But why?

Mediaset, major private Italian network, has suddenly cancelled the American soap opera leaving its upset public without an explanation!

In past years, the company has decided to modify each single episode cutting off some scenes or proposing other scenes in a different sequence if compared with the original American episodes.  As a consequence, the whole narration of the storylines became weak and altered with great disappointment of the huge public: in Italy, every day, The Bold and The Beautiful has more than 3 million viewers!

And now, the final decision: the soap opera has been cancelled and it has been replaced by a tv series.  As a result, the public is absolutely furious and, using the hashtag that we have created #TwittamiBeautiful, they have asked questions on social networks, but no answers came from the company which used to broadcast the soap since 1994.

The Italian public now hopes that another TV company might buy the American soap opera or that CBS finds a solution similar to that used it for the UK: as a matter of fact, in the UK, a YouTube channel has been dedicated to The Bold and The Beautiful – this happened after five years the soap was cancelled from the British television.